Love, compassion & forgiveness


Known as the stone of unconditional love. It’s soothing energy increases empathy, giving you courage and strength to forgive yourselves and others 

Encouraging compassionate, peaceful thoughts which help to lower stress and tension which is essential to your growth


I open my heart, to give and receive love



Abundance, confidence, strength

The abundance stone, helping to attract prosperity, success and wealth. Encouraging you to express your creativity, promoting happiness, joy and self esteem. Raising confidence and strength, empowering you to release self-doubt and anxiety to inspire confidence, strength and energy. Known for its cleansing and regenerative properties, proving you with the willpower to pursue your visions

I create the world I want



Manifest, communicate, dream


The cleansing stone, known as the facilitator of communication with your higher self and spiritual guides. It restores balance and encourages self expression and honestly. Helping you to manifest your dreams, removing confusion, conflict and blockages without holding on to any negative energy


I welcome positive change



Protection, purification and spirituality


A powerful stone, known for purification. It balances the mind, body and spirit to enable you to feel centred, grounded and focused. Both calming and stimulating to cleanse and revitalise your aura whist repelling negative energy. Encouraging your motivation to achieve your goals, dispelling anger and anxiety

I let go of negativity, and rest in the truth



Grounding, balance, detoxifying

The protective stone, known to reduce stress and emotion to help you focus on goals and remain grounded. Boosting self esteem to promote a harmonious state whist radiating confidence. Known to aid memory and the organisation of thoughts, to help you concentrate and come to terms with the past. Learning from experiences and providing opportunities for growth


I am grounded and supported